The next-generation
SaaS / CRM Starter Kit

Accelerate your SaaS / CRM development with the Micleo's scalable and production-ready template, boilerplate, starter kit ๐Ÿš€

Micleo CRM

Scale your business

Scale your business

Micleo is a secure and scalable solution for businesses looking to quickly implement a SaaS / CRM without the technical challenges of traditional development.

  • Save Time. Build Faster

    Save months of development and focus on building a profitable business.

  • Secure and Scalable

    Built for scale. Whether you are building a small app or an app to serve millions of users.

  • Many Features

    All the core features your application needs and more.

  • Save Money

    Reduce your server cost with a next generation tech stack.

Use Cases

Build every apps with Micleo

Micleo can be useful to a variety of businesses and organizations, regardless of their industry. Here are some examples of potential clients:

Micleo CRM
  • CRM

    Customer Relationship Management

    Manage client projects, track campaign performance, and maintain transparent communication with clients.

  • CMS

    Content Management System

    Manage their product catalogs, customer orders, inventory tracking, and online payments.

  • EMS

    Event Management Software

    Manage all aspects of the planning, logistics, and communication of your events

  • SAAS

    White-Label SaaS / No Code SaaS

    The fastest way to create your own white-label SaaS.

Tech Stack

Production-Ready Tech Stack

Build your next SaaS / CRM project with a modern stack and start collecting payments in no time.

Supabase Github Hookdeck Infisical Cloudflare Stripe Vuetify Vue
Multiple env

Dev, Staging & Production

Jamstack app

Vuetify and Vuejs app

Open Source

No vendor lock-in


Private repository


Automatically deploy


Subscriptions & payments


CSS themes, responsive UI

Docker & CLI

Local development ready


Everything your app needs and more

Micleo includes all the essential features that you need to launch fast.


Full authentication flow, including Email & password, Third-party providers / Social logins, 2FA, Enterprise SSO


Users can invite other members, set up their role, transfer ownership.

Role-Based Access Control

Control access and actions on your various projects.

Billing & subscriptions

Synchronize with Stripe, view usage quotas over the period, and download your invoices.


Connect the Platform with your favorite apps.

Organizations & Projects

Users can create organization and multiple projects.


Store and manage all data for every kind of customer.

Models / Objects / Properties

Create and store your objects with customizable fields: over 20 different types.


Segmentation feature, create listing of contacts based on their attributes.

Campaigns & Templates

Send your marketing campaigns, newsletters, and automated emails / SMS.

Email builder

Create beautiful responsive emails in minutes (An intuitive drag-and-drop tool).

Collaboration / Chats

Work and collaborate as a team on your various projects. Create chats with your team.

Languages & Accessibility

Multi-language site (i18n) / Dark & light mode / Keyboard shortcuts.


Manage and organize data into folders and subfolders.


Store and manage files and images of your project.


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